jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016

Refuerzo Unidad 5 Naturales-Sociales

Con las siguientes actividades revisamos las áreas de Naturaleza y Sociales.


Características de los mamíferos
La alimentación de los mamíferos
Características de las aves
La alimentación de las aves
La clasificación de los animales en función de sus características

Características de los peces
Características de los anfibios
Características de los reptiles
Características de los insectos
La elaboración de un esquema
El color de los camaleones
El respeto de las casas de los animales


Students should be able to label the body parts of each animalLabel the animals
In activity 2, pupils must label the life cycle of a frogLife cycle of a frog
Study the life cycle of a butterfly watching funny cartoons and doing an activityButterflies  
Recognise the process of the life cycle of a butterflyLife cycle of a butterfly  
Students will see the metamorphosis of a butterfly and will practice activities related to itMetamorphosis  
Learm more about the insectsInsect world  
Good activity to classify animals and plantsGrouping animals and plants
Relax yourself and paint the different sea creatures!Paint it!



La atmósfera


learn how water changes its statechanging state
Students experiment with solid, liquid and gasesSolid, liquid and gas  
Play with solid, liquid and gasMatter  
Students watch how the objects can change their stateChanging the state  
Students experiment with the changeof the different states  Changing matter  
Solid, liquid and gases - the water cycleStudyjams!  
label the different stages in the changing state of waterchanges in the state of water
How the water change its statesStates and solid, liquid and gas  
Changes of statesChanging the materials  
Students watch the water cycleThe water cycle 1  
Watch how the water complete its cycle and play a quizzWater cycle quizz  
take a look at this video about the water cyclethe water cycle
Understanding the relationship between Earth, Sun and MoonEarth, Sun and Moon

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